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Relationships are the New Ashram

27 Jan Blog | Comments
Relationships are the New Ashram

“Relationships are the new ashram” –Ali Schultz

The new black, and white, diving down and wide, in male and female, kissing satan’s tale,
swimming up, and letting go… of story, of ordinary; the serpent and the tree, free,
in relationship to each other, to ourselves, to Nature, two One, blastoff… LOVE

Is there a bab u in the room? This one’s for u, baba

Ode to YOU
Love you
FUCK you
Thank you

With You, the other, the shadow, inhale meets exhale, in the middle, medicine and meditation, deep wounds heal and the cosmic heart feels, alive, awake; intimacy as guru, in union with You

Dance floor photos at Claire’s 50th birthday party by Orrin Charm. So much fun singing and dancing to 70′s music, in my element, I had no idea I still remembered almost every word to those disco songs (I was a teen with a fake I.D. dancing all night long under the mirrored ball). The Mimosa tribe shined strong in celebrating Claire, Topanga’s sweetheart! ~ I feel love… falling free.. you and me – Donna Summers

BeeGees: Oh say you’ll always be my baby
We can make it shine, we can take forever
Just a minute at a time

Other photos – Venice, Mimosa, West Hollywood wall art, desert clouds, and a Jerry Garcia tribute sign on the 8